September 27

We know how to multiply and divide

During term 3 we covered lots of topics in Maths including multiplication (x) and division (÷).

We made groups using counters and coloured circles. Then we recorded the multiplication number sentences in two ways.





We also wrote multiplication number sentences.

Here is one of the websites that we used for multiplication

We were introduced to division with the story ‘The Doorbell Rang’ by Pat Hutchins.

Here is one of the websites that we used for division

Here are the posters that we made for division. We needed to work out how many cookies we were going to have and how many students were going to receive the cookies. We needed to test whether we could share the cookies fairly using counters and coloured circles before we recorded on our posters.

p1200671 p1200669 p1200667 p1200665 p1200663 p1200649 p1200651 p1200655 p1200658 p1200661 p1200647 p1200635 p1200633 p1200644 p1200641 p1200639 p1200637 p1200630

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