September 27

100 Days of School

On Thursday the 21st of July we celebrated our 100th day at school for the year. We used our 100 items that we had collected to make groups and arrays to demonstrate our multiplication knowledge.


Here are some photos of our multiplication groups.

p1200554 p1200555 p1200556 p1200557 p1200558p1200560   p1200561 p1200562 p1200563 p1200565p1200564a p1200566a p1200567 p1200568a p1200569a p1200570a p1200571 p1200573 p1200574 p1200577

p1200559a p1200576a

We also used our 100 items to create arrays.

An array is a way of displaying objects in equal rows.


Here is a slideshow of the arrays we made.




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