November 16

Whizz! Bang! Pop!

We have had so much fun completing our Science Experiments during our Whizz! Bang! Pop! Inquiry.

Here are some photos from our Magnet Maze experiment where we discovered that Magnets have two poles, we call one the north pole and one the south. Depending on which poles you place together they can either attract each other or repel. Opposite poles attract.

P1190219 P1190233P1190223

Our Static Electricity experiment was so noisy… watching everyone’s hair go in the air was absolutely hilarious. We also made an aluminium can roll across the table without touching it. Here’s how it happens…

Rubbing the balloons against woollen fabric or your hair creates static electricity. This involves negatively charged particles (electrons) jumping  to positively charged objects. When you rub the balloons against your hair or the fabric they become negatively charged, they have taken some of the electrons from the hair/fabric and left them positively charged.

They say opposites attract and that is certainly the case in these experiments, your positively charged hair is attracted to the negatively charged balloon and starts to rise up to meet it. This is similar to the aluminium can which is drawn to the negatively charged balloon as the area near it  becomes positively charged, once again opposites attract.

P1190236 P1190244 P1190252P1190245

We follow up most of our experiments by writing a science report which lists the materials used, the procedure to follow and what happens during the experiment.


Here are some links to some great Science websites that we have used in class.

Leave a comment telling us what you found.


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8 thoughts on “Whizz! Bang! Pop!

  1. Jaclyn

    Hi Monkeys!!
    It looks like you have all had so much fun conducting
    Your experiments. The photos are great.

    Can anyone tell me why sometimes after I walk on
    Carpet I can give a little ‘zap’ to people?

  2. Keely 3/4AT

    Hi everyone,
    You are all so smart with the knowledge about static electricity. I didn`t know what static electricity was before I read this post. So thanks for teaching me something. I can`t wait to see more of your fantastic learning.

    What was your favourite part of learning about static electricity?

    1. susanmm (Post author)

      I think everyone would say that their favourite part about static electricity was watching everyone’s hair go in the air! It was pretty funny.


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