November 12

St Johns Visit

Julie from St Johns visited us during week 2 this term and taught us about safety and first aid. We learnt about looking for dangers in an emergency situation and what to do when people are injured.

Some people were bandaged up and it was hilarious. Although we realise it wouldn’t be funny if they were really injured.

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We also discovered what we needed to do if there was a real emergency.

We should  call 000 and state which emergency service we need. We need to know our address and our telephone number.

Do you know what to do in an emergency? 

Do you have your emergency information card near your telephone or on the fridge?



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1 thoughts on “St Johns Visit

  1. Emma

    Hello Monkeys,
    Looks like you all had heaps of fun “pretending” to be injured during your First Aid Course. Congratulations to everyone on passing your First Aid Course. I hope you have placed your certificate in a safe place 🙂

    Can you remember what information you need when you ring 000?



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