September 4

Historical Activity Day

What a fun day! Well, it was unless you were in the olden day classroom where the teachers were very strict and no one was allowed to talk!

Everyone decided that they preferred to be at school in 2014 and they were happy to only have a short time in the olden day classroom. Some students even said the teachers were scary. I think they forgot that we were only pretending!


We all had a lot of fun dressing up and everyone looked wonderful in their costumes. Thanks to all of the parents and relatives for dressing their children in clothes from the past. We really appreciate you taking the time to organise (and make) costumes. 

Thank you to Amanda and Emma for helping us out today and taking photographs for us.


Edited to add: Here is a slideshow of activities from the day.


Historical Day Activities

Which activity was your favourite?




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5 thoughts on “Historical Activity Day

  1. Miss Fraser

    Hi 1/2SM,
    I really enjoyed seeing you all dressed up on Thursday! I think some of you should continue to dress in those clothes as they really suit you.
    What was your favourite activity on Historical Day? I would be interested to see the olden day dancing. When Kathryn & I were in primary school, our school turned 125 years old and we had a bush dance to celebrate. I think that’s what olden day dancing would be like.
    From Miss Fraser 🙂

  2. Jaclyn

    How great did all the children look and not to mention Mrs Moloney. She looked like a grumpy teacher for your special day. Lucky it was only for a day.

  3. sambom

    Hi 1/2SM,
    Have you still got the naughty chair? I hope that Susan is back to her normal self! We had an awesome day too and everyone looked fantastic. I think that we will always remember our special day.
    Your pictures look great too!
    From Sam.

  4. Emma

    Hello Moloney’s Monkeys,
    You all looked fantastic in your olden day dress ups. The video looked great. I hope Mrs. Moloney is back to being happy and fun. She was very scary with her stick!

    Did you have a favourite activity on Olden Day?

    Emma – Aron and Zak’s mum


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