September 16


Last Wednesday, students at Killara participated in our whole school Walkathon fundraiser.





Our class completed 112 laps in total. This is equal to 70 kilometres!


We have collected $394.20 so far.

(We will keep updating the total as more money is brought to school).


After the walkathon we enjoyed a yummy sausage sizzle and a juice box.  Here are some photos of the fun!


Walking on Sunshine

What did you enjoy the most about the Walkathon?



September 4

Historical Activity Day

What a fun day! Well, it was unless you were in the olden day classroom where the teachers were very strict and no one was allowed to talk!

Everyone decided that they preferred to be at school in 2014 and they were happy to only have a short time in the olden day classroom. Some students even said the teachers were scary. I think they forgot that we were only pretending!


We all had a lot of fun dressing up and everyone looked wonderful in their costumes. Thanks to all of the parents and relatives for dressing their children in clothes from the past. We really appreciate you taking the time to organise (and make) costumes. 

Thank you to Amanda and Emma for helping us out today and taking photographs for us.


Edited to add: Here is a slideshow of activities from the day.


Historical Day Activities

Which activity was your favourite?