August 30

Historical Day

Next week we will celebrate our Change over Time Inquiry by dressing up in olden day clothes and having an activity day.

Activities will include;

*Games over time

*Old Fashioned Dancing


and *the Olden Day Classroom

Below are some photographs that may help give you ideas for your costume. We have talked in class about boys wearing trousers and a button up shirt (maybe a vest) and girls could wear a dress (maybe an apron).

You do not need to buy a costume.




Thanks to Miss Jess at for the photographs.

Please remember to return your note along with your $2.

It will be a fun day!



August 27

Book Week Dress Up Day

Dress up day was a day filled with excitement, colourful costumes and fun book week activities. It was wonderful to see so many students and teachers dressing up in their favourite costumes.


Our class was visited by a range of book characters including super heroes, princesses, animals and computer game characters. We had motorbike riders, a pirate and Flat Stanley. Snow White even taught the class for the day!


The event of the day was, of course,  the parade where each class was able to show off their fabulous costumes. Thank you to all of the students who participated by dressing up and to all of the parents and family members who supported this occasion by coming along to the parade to cheer us on.


Book Week Dress Up Day 2014

Do you have a favourite book?

What costume did you wear on dress up day?


August 27

100 Days of School

On the 24th of July we celebrated the 100th day at school for 2014. Some of us brought in collections of 100 things. We joined with Miss Chettle’s class and we could choose from the activities in both classrooms. It was great to work with our friends next door.

Some of the activities were;

  • Measure the length of 100 things
  • Weigh 100 things and see what can make the scales balance
  • Make a 100 days crown or a pair of 100 glasses
  • Make a picture using the numerals in 100
  • What can you do in 100 seconds?
  • What will I look like when I am 100?
  • What can I buy for $100?

100 Days

Here is some of our 100 days of school writing:

On the 100th day I brought my 100 Lego bricks with 1 row of 2 dots. I measured my Lego with Ashley’s sticks. By Angus

On the 100th day I made a pair of 100 glasses. They were pink and blue. I put some gems on them. They were pink and blue as well. By Charlotte

On the 100th day I made 100 day glasses and I put sequins on them. I also drew what I thought I would look like when I am 100 years old. By Samantha

On the 100th day I did the 100 seconds activity. I did 127 claps because I thought I could do it. I also made a crown. By Anthony

On the 100th day I made 100 glasses to show that I have been at school for 100 days. By Liam

On the 100th day I made a pair of glasses to show that I am 100 days smarter. By Jackson

On the 100th day of school I did the 100 seconds activity. I got all of them done. By Alyssa

Did you celebrate 100 days of school in your class this year?

What is your favourite thing to do at school?


August 25

Werribee Zoo

Yes, we know that it was last term but we thought you might like to see some of our photos and hear about our excursion anyway.

On Tuesday the 20th of May, Year 1/2SM went to Werribee Zoo.

When we arrived at school we unpacked our bags and put our snack and lunch in the baskets. By Anthony

We went in the bus. It was fun and it was bumpy. By Lilah

It took about 45 minutes to get to the zoo. It was a long and fun day for us. By Tahlia

When we got to the zoo we had our snack and watched the gorillas. By Liam

When we went in I smelled animal poo. By Aron

When we were out of the bus I smelled spaghetti and pizza and that made me starving! By Angus

We had a walk around Werribee Zoo. By Lachlan

We saw the gorillas. Then we went for a walk and we saw the African wild dogs. By Charlotte

We saw the gorillas first and then the African Wild Dogs. Then we saw the meerkats and the lions. We saw the hippos and the cheetahs. By Haylee

We went for a walk to see the gorillas. They weren’t moving much so we went to see the African wild dogs. We had to look through a telescope because they were so far away. By Jackson

We saw some meerkats. They dig very well. By Ewen

Werribee Zoo

I smelt food. I saw animals. I heard animal noises. I felt excited. By Sineru

 Then we were Habitat Detectives and we searched for animal trails. By Morgan

We met a detective. We went in a building and got to touch these animals, some possums, a frog and a lizard. By Zak

We went into the detective’s house. By Jay

I got to pat the lizard and the frog. By Anais

I saw a snake. Snakes are scary. By Chrystal-Lea

Habitat Detectives Part 1: Pogo and Daintree

Habitat Detectives Part 2: Possum twins

We went on the safari bus. We saw giraffes and zebras. The giraffes’ necks were very, very long. By Ella

We saw a baby Mongolian horse and some ostriches. The ostriches swung their wings up at us. By Samantha

On the bus I saw camels and zebras. By Alyssa

We saw a giraffe and zebras and ostriches. By Luke

 Riding the Safari Bus

We hope that you enjoyed our Werribee Zoo post.

Have you been to Werribee Zoo?

Which animal is your favourite?